Live Simulation in Operational Excellence: October 10, 2024

Experience the transformation and learn to lead the journey

Do you want to further develop yourself as a manager and achieve a culture change in your organisation? Then this day is your chance. Using a simulation, you will experience the stages of development of organisations for yourself. In the beginning you are part of an ad hoc production culture in which departments are confronted with classic difficulties. Then you will change this step by step until you end up in an organisation with vision and cooperating departments, resulting in Operational Excellence.

Developing your role as a manager into an executive leader

Prof. Dr. Bill Bellows leads the day and the simulation with the trainers from Patagonia. The goal is for you to learn and experience what is needed to transform your organisation and what role you, as a manager, play in it. For a day, you are immersed in new ways of thinking, turning concepts and meanings inside out. They are then made practical again, enabling you to immediately apply changes in your own organisation.

Present challenges for leaders and organisations simulated in this event

Management professionals from the industry gather to experience the leadership and organisational adaptations. Today's economy calls on our creative, social and intellectual capabilities. These capabilities are needed to adapt and to drive costs to extremely low levels. At the same time organisations need to be flexible, resilient, and customer-focused. They need to deal with crises, changing customer demands and new technologies. This requires organisational characteristics, including cooperation, deep knowledge development and enjoyment of work.

Collaboration and autonomy in problem solving with a WE-organisation

During this event, you will experience how management and leadership rules lead to flexibility, efficiency, and motivation of employees at the same time. A WE-organisation is needed for the new challenges. Organisations are often characterised by isolated attention per department, leading to mistakes and lack of cooperation: Parts don't fit, lots of rework, and a rigid hierarchy hinders people from carrying out problem solving. During this event, you will make opportunities out of mistakes, recognise patterns and discover new organisation designs and cultures.

The program

We will take you to new worlds of thought and let you experience the solutions. Production is not hard work, but smart work. In practice, we often measure only 50% productivity. There is plenty of time, but we need to get rid of the hidden factory. Through this simulation, you experience how and you learn to transform the culture.

1. Factory Simulation

During this event, you experience how departments improve working together in organisations. First, you will work as a team in a functional organisation. Per simulation round, you experience the development towards integration and cooperation, leading to Operational Excellence. Barriers between departments are removed and the culture changes. This is simulated using production lines, which are rearranged per simulation round based on the theory presented. You discover the difference between working together as part of a system versus working in isolation in a hierarchy.


2. Implement teamwork

Cooperation occurs in so-called WE organisations. These are organisations where leadership is the engine that leads to a particularly inspiring culture where departments work together for the benefits of the customer. You discover this culture yourself by being part of it. You experience the leadership style, definitions and structures that go with it. People are challenged to think, meet customer requirements, observe processes and work together. Every deviation is seized upon to achieve a new level of performance. People come not to work, but to think and solve problems.



3. Thinking together

Thinking about process problems together is not a natural thing in an organisations. Certainly not when today's production deadlines are leading our activities and correcting mistakes dominate the culture. Working more is not a solution. Instead, distance yourself from work and take thoughts to new levels. Insights are developed by taking in new information and processing it with each other. A system of profound knowledge (Dr. Deming) is needed, because problems are not solved at the same level of thinking as the level at which they were created (Dr. A. Einstein).



4. Economic rule: work as a system

Labour market tightness will grow over the next 20 years and this will have a serious effect on people and organisations. At the same time, we measure a labour productivity on average of 50%. So there is a solution: reduce waste. However, this is not a technical exercise. You can see and experience the waste, but not eliminate it with a simple change in procedures or a reorganisation. In fact, these actually lead to more waste. The understanding is needed that the management system is infinitely big and variation a natural part of it. Then leaders can start the transformation.

system 1

5. From action to interaction

Two components can meet their specifications just fine, but not function at all together. This is due to a focus on action rather than on interaction. Too much attention is paid to individual specifications of parts and too little to the customer's intention. Add to this a dose of compartmentalisation and internal control - each department works autonomously - and the result is there: Rejection, miscommunication, delays and a production planning under stress. Value is created through interaction so that all parts are good in one try and meet the goal.


A team of world class teachers will be available for you during the day

The team presented underneath is here for you. Develop your professional skills and profound knowledge for the benefits of your career and the successes in your organisation. Collect the content, become part of the network and use their over 100 years of combined experience.

Prof. Dr. Bill Bellows is a true teacher

Prof. Dr. Bill Bellows is eager to help you in your development. He is full of experience in US high-tech industries such as Rocketdyne and teaches at the California State University, Northridge and Southern Utah University. He also worked for the Deming Institute on the Board of Directors and as a consultant for numerous companies such as Blue Origin. His teachers include management legends W. Edwards Deming, Genichi Taguchi, and Russell Ackoff, to name a few. Bill, together with our trainers, will provide you with a great day. Join us and register using the form below.

Prices and conditions

  • Price € 950 p.p. ex BTW
  • Price early bird € 750 p.p. ex BTW
  • A colleague of a participant receives a 25% discount
  • Location: Hotel van der Valk Dordrecht
  • Price includes lunch
  • Administration and documentation free of charge
  • English spoken event
  • Dutch coaching consultants

Elisa Smorenburg

Elisa Smorenburg - Leadership coach

It is fascinating how Elisa analyses organisations and makes behavioural patterns directly visible. She is specialised in leadership development and the realisation of cultural changes. For that purpose the right conditions must be created first. Elisa identifies pitfalls and subconscious habits of leaders, after which a program for transformation will be designed and executed. The result are quickly visible with top management, teamleaders and supervisors who become increasingly more effective in their day to day activities.

Bellen voor Belbin 088 33 666 66

Sjoerd van der Laan - Leadership trainer

Learning processes run across different systems, like reading, writing, experimenting, and cooperating in games. Sjoerd is able to offer you these different learning systems, which maximises the results in your competence development as leader. You will experience that you as a participant are central in the development program, and you will feel that your learning process is effective. Sjoerd guides you in your personal development and the professional application as a leader for the transformation of departments and organisations.

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Sjoerd van der Laan - Trainer Leadership

Frans Leijse

Frans Leijse - Deming ambassador

Dr. W.E. Deming was one of the leading management gurus with in the USA his legacy: the Deming Institute. Frans is lector in the fundaments and management principles of Deming with the specialisation the system of profound knowledge. His career includes 23 years of employment with Applied Biosystems, EuroCetus, and AMC. He is principal and managing director of ITC Validation Consultants. Frans has a Technical College background in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Computer Science.

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Simulation in Operational Excellence

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  • Location: Hotel van der Valk, Dordrecht
  • Facilitator Prof. Dr. Bill Bellows
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