Team building and long term business focus: July 9, 2024

Improve teamwork and transform organisations to customer orientated

The Management Infusion is a leadership event for management teams. The objective is to transform the day to day focus to long term business thinking and customer orientation. Professor Dr. Bill Bellows (USA) leads the event with a simulation, and guides your team into a new era of improved cooperation and long term business focus. A unique experience with theory, workshops and a simulation for the team. 

Long term business thinking for management teams - July 9, 2024

Management teams gather to improve the team performance. The objective is to move away from the day to day issues and focus on the long term business goals and customer orientation. The management teams are often much too concentrated on the daily production, while long term objectives should recieve their attention. How do you move from daily problems to long term objectives? This requires a different leadership mentality, delegation of responsibilities and education in customer orientation. This is not just a desire, but a necessity in the near future economic dynamics. 

The economy requires fast problem solving and a WE-organisation

Swiftness in combination with the deepest understanding of customers' desires are two major characteristics for organisations, now and in the near future. The operators and supervisors need to be educated in customers' requirements, teamwork and leadership to create a WE-organisation. If the managementteam doesn't work together as a team, the supervisors and operators will not either. So what does that mean? What kind of behaviour and understanding is needed in the teams? You will learn and experience that during this day of teambuilding and transformation.

The WE Organisation

Generally we measure a productivity of only 50%, an efficiency in problem solving of 10 - 20 days, resulting in solutions that are not solutions from the customers' perspective. Change now! The new economic laws require speed, customer orientation, resilience and low costs. Transform into a WE Organisation.

1. Factory Simulation

First it is important to experience cooperation. Hierarchy, department structures, and job descriptions in general cause more problems then cooperation. During the factory simulation you'll experience the transformation from a classic organisational structure to a customer orientated process organisation in 4 stages. The hierarchy is transformed to coaching leadership and department walls are teared down. Moreover, a deep and complete new understanding of customers' demands will develop in the team.


2. Teamwork

Teamwork is not a structure, but a culture. Dividing organisations in departments and then organising meetings is not a recipe for teamwork. For teamwork a mutual understanding of the customers' desires and a clear company vision are necessary first. Then managers need to be leaders. Deciding as a leader is not equivalent to taking decisions for others. Leaders educate, show respect and learn emotional intelligence to create teamwork. People don't just work, rather they want to solve problems, serve customers and contribute to the team performance.


3. Thinking together

Thinking together to solve problems is not a standard approach for most organisations. Quite often the full working time is spent on making production. The standard reflection on faults and delays is to work more, instead of stopping and to start thinking together. Without thinking together faults will always repeat. Leaders should organise time to investigate, to perform root causes, to learn, and to train. The management team needs to implement a system of profound knowledge (Dr. Deming), since problems are never solved at the same level of thinking as they originated in the first place (Dr. A. Einstein). 


Quality 1

4. New economic rule: work as a system

Statistics show that the labour capacity will further decline in the coming 20 years. At the same time the productivity per employee nowadays is on average around 50%. On top of that laws, legislation, and (international) competition increases. In other words the economic environment is changing and hazardous. For that purpose, don't make the mistake to focus on just one topic to improve your organisation. On the contrary, approach everything as a system and that system is infinite. The management team needs to understand that the management system is infinitely large and equally complex.


5. From action to interaction

Two parts may independently seem like a perfect match to the customers' requirement, but together they do not fit. This happens a lot. Departments focus on the optimisation of their own parts, but don't work together to optimise the customer's products. There is focus on the work instead of the interaction. This causes enormous economic failures. Think of failed IT projects and new built houses with long error lists. In production organisations the same is visible. Check all meetings, emails and calls in your organisation to resolve problems. This event teaches the team to focus on interaction.

incompany training six sigma

Prices and conditions

  • Price € 4500 per team, ex btw
  • Price early bird € 3900 per team, ex btw
  • Location: Dordrecht Hotel van der Valk
  • The price is including lunch
  • Administration and documentation free
  • English spoken event

Prof. Dr. Bill Bellows, USA

The facilitator is Professor Dr. Bill Bellows, from the University of California. He is also consultant and trainer for the American high tech industry. He works with companies like Rocketdyne, Boeing, and Blue Origin. Bill is an eloquent speaker and an excellent teacher, who is able to change your thinking. He identifies locked patterns and transforms your team into a new way of thinking. Together with our colleagues he brings management to a new level of performance and prepare teams for future challenges.

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Elisa Smorenburg - Consultant

It is fascinating how Elisa analyses organisations and makes behavioural patterns directly visible. She specialises in the implementation and realisation of cultural changes and leadership, for which the right conditions must first be created. She identifies pitfalls and habits, after which the right steps for implementing new leadership and teamwork follow in quick succession. The result is visible in daily practical applications.

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Elisa Smorenburg

Sjoerd van der Laan - Consultant en trainer

Sjoerd van der Laan - Trainer

Learning processes run across different systems. Sjoerd is able to offer these different systems to teams and trainees, which maximises the results from the lectures. You will experience that with Sjoerd, you as a participant are central in the event, and you will feel that your learning process is effective. Sjoerd guides you in your personal development and the professional application of management systems in your organisation.

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Frans Leijse - Deming ambassador

Dr. W.E. Deming was one of the leading management gurus with in the USA his legacy: the Deming Institute. Frans is lector in the fundaments and management principles of Deming with specialisation in the system of profound knowledge. His career includes 23 years of employment with Applied Biosystems, EuroCetus, and AMC. He is principal and managing director of ITC Validation Consultants. Frans has a Technical College background in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Computer Science.

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Frans Leijse

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Management Infusion

  • Date event: July 9, 2024 at 9:00h
  • Price € 4500 per team, ex btw
  • Price early bird before May 1, 2024: € 3900
  • Location: Hotel van der Valk, Dordrecht
  • Facilitator Prof. Dr. Bill Bellows
  • English spoken
  • Learning & Doing