Leading transformations

Coaching for managers in executive leadership and organisational planning

This course prepares you in leading and transforming your organisation to stay in business and to increase performances. Managers need to have a plan and an ambition to establish. They do not wait to see what happens, but strive for goals like improved standardisation, adaption to customers' desires and effective decision making. Do you want to improve in your role  as manager of your department, as well as member of the leadership team? Join this course in leadership development and organisational planning for professionals in senior positions of the organisation.  

Executive leadership for managers in Quality, Operations and HR

You need to be aware of your leadership role and provide direction to your team. You cannot be busy the whole day with the correction of faults, complaints and planning hurdles. That is not leadership. That is not management either, rather an expensive waste of time. As manager you improve the system, the culture and the integral performance. You create the culture, the collective thinking and effective learning processes. You are the inspirator that others look for and want to work with. During this coursed we help you with management principles, self reflection and continual improvement methods to grow into the role of executive leader. You as a person and professional are placed central in this special course for leadership development.

Long term business thinking for leaders

Leaders are responsible for the team performance. To improve that performance working harder is not an option. Likewise procedures, bonus systems and SMART dashboards are not the road to success. Unfortunately, this is all thinking in isolated activities with no one central except yourself. Employees will develop distrust and fear instead of motivation and cooperation. So, what is the right track? It starts with a different, improved leadership role. 

The WE-organisation

The WE-organisation is an organisation in which employees work together on present and future goals. They think and work as a team in which one person is not more or less important then the other. There are many reasons why such culture is important for the performance: To prevent biases, politics, fear and busy on bug fixing. It is quite an art to develop a real successful team performing beyond expectations. This you will learn to achieve during this leadership course. 

Set up of the course

Every 2 months you join for a 3 hour session: 1 hour theory, 1 hour workshops and 1 hour development. You grow in leadership and build you plan.

1. Theory on change management - 1 hour

You start with the theoretical backgrounds of change management and continual improvement. In each session another topic will be presented. Based on a variety of theories in quality, production and psychology you prepare yourself with a firm base of management and leadership. You are going to understand the mechanisms in organisations and methods to work with. This is the first hour of the session to build your knowledge.

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2. Workshops to apply the theory - 1 hour

The proceeding workshops are used to apply the theory. The workshop is a simulation of the actual management team of your organisation. As leader and manager you will have to deal with a short-, mid- or long term objective. In groups of three you perform the exercise and reflect on the cooperation. The answers are less important then asking the right questions. This is individual and team coaching in practical situations to develop competences and to gain trust.

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3. Develop leadership - 1 hour

The theory leads to knowledge of the methodologies, which is the stepping stone to actual understanding in the workshops. Then you grow wisdom and how to act as a leader in your own organisation. Your function as manager evolves to a executive leader who asks the right questions and takes the right decisions. You are now the source and leader of the transformation. You will start leading changes as executive manager with a vision and a plan. 

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4. Plan and implement the action

The sessions of the program will be supported by coaching along the way. You can ask for help and feedback in between the sessions. Results and obstacles are being analysed on personal, operational and management level to create openings and ways for you to proceed forwards. You are supported with planning, decision making and professional development. Results are also shared during the 3-hours sessions in order to learn from each other as team.

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5. From incidents to system management

You will develop yourself as leader and experience inspiring paradigm shifts. You are going to see the organisation in a very different context. Instead of managing actions - constantly reacting on daily situations - you will develop the competences to manage interactions. You will understand the dynamics of an organisation and improve the system, instead of fixing incidents. This will make you an outstanding leader who is of great value to your leadership team.

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Prices and conditions

  • Price € 195 per session, ex VAT
  • Sessions per year: 5 times
  • Time: 14:00 - 17:00
  • English spoken event
  • Entrance to very specific knowledge
  • Become part of a professional network
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The business requires pace and quality

In our daily consultancy practice we measure in organisations a productivity of only 50% and a lead time in problem solving of 10 to 20 days. This is too little, too slow. Pace, customer orientation and low costs are the requirements. The Toyota executives already developed the vision that system thinking is required. Focus on details and incidents only leads to more problems, called variation. One of the founders of thinking in systems is Dr. W.E. Deming. That view has since been adopted all over this world and implemented by market leaders like Toyota and Rocket Dyne (Prof. Dr. Bill Bellows). Creating pace and quality for you customers goes over system thinking.

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Prof. Dr. Bill Bellows, USA

The facilitator is Professor Dr. Bill Bellows, from the University of California. He is also consultant and trainer for the American high tech industry. He works with companies like Rocketdyne, Boeing, and Blue Origin. Bill is an eloquent speaker and an excellent teacher, who is able to change your thinking. He identifies locked patterns and transforms your team into a new way of thinking. Together with our colleagues he brings management to a new level of performance and prepare teams for future challenges.

Bellen voor Belbin 088 33 666 66    info@patagonia-opleidingen.com

Elisa Smorenburg - Consultant

It is fascinating how Elisa analyses organisations and makes behavioural patterns directly visible. She specialises in the implementation and realisation of cultural changes and leadership, for which the right conditions must first be created. She identifies pitfalls and habits, after which the right steps for implementing new leadership and teamwork follow in quick succession. The result is visible in daily practical applications.

Bellen voor Belbin 088 33 666 66    info@patagonia-opleidingen.com

Elisa Smorenburg

Sjoerd van der Laan - Consultant en trainer

Sjoerd van der Laan - Trainer

Learning processes run across different systems. Sjoerd is able to offer these different systems to teams and trainees, which maximises the results from the lectures. You will experience that with Sjoerd, you as a participant are central in the event, and you will feel that your learning process is effective. Sjoerd guides you in your personal development and the professional application of management systems in your organisation.

Bellen voor Belbin 088 33 666 66    info@patagonia-opleidingen.com

Frans Leijse - Deming ambassador

Dr. W.E. Deming was one of the leading management gurus with in the USA his legacy: the Deming Institute. Frans is lector in the fundaments and management principles of Deming with specialisation in the system of profound knowledge. His career includes 23 years of employment with Applied Biosystems, EuroCetus, and AMC. He is principal and managing director of ITC Validation Consultants. Frans has a Technical College background in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Computer Science.

Bellen voor Belbin 088 33 666 66    info@patagonia-opleidingen.com

Frans Leijse

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Leading Transformations

  • Time: 14:00 - 17:00
  • Price € 195, ex btw p.p.
  • English spoken
  • Integration of Learning & Doing
  • Dates: 
    • October 17, 2024
    • December 5, 2024
    • February 6, 2025 
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